Dawn Memorial

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Jun. 2021–Oct. 2022 Group Project
Project Overview
Our work is a memorial and encouraging park for
the Beirut explosion, with a lighthouse-shaped architecture as the main memorial feature.Combining offline landscape with the online platform by AR, we create a storyline to give residents and tourists an integral cultural experience.
My Contributions
User research, User Journey map, Wireframe, Prototype
Service Design, Emotion Design, Experience Design
At 6 pm. on August 4. 2020. Beirut port erupted in a huge explosion, owing to improperly storing quantities of ammonium.

The blast killed at least 200 people,injured more than 6,500, left nitrate and fireworks in warehouse 12, destroyed houses within a 10 km radius, displaced 300,000 people and caused economic losses of $1.5 billion.

Culture Characteristics

Culture Characteristics

Mainly Christianity and Islam, and many different factions are under them.


Family > Religion > Nation
 >Race > Political Party

Gap Between Rich and Poor

The top 1% richest adults receives a quarter of the total national income. The bottom 50% of the population is left with 10% of it.

Multi Cultural Intergration

Liberal and romantic.


Case Study

  • Buildings could offer hope to visitors, such as ecological island, site reconstruction, etc.
  • Victims’ names on the monuments are materials for the living to memorial.
  • The building should reflect the information of the event, set off an atmosphere of remembrance and provide a place of memorial.

Mind Map

From research, we learned

  • Beirut has less public green space, and residents need public recreational areas.
  • Explosion area needs to be repaired and rebuilt.
  • The Beirut port bombing incident needs to be remembered, and people of Beirut need hope.

Therefore, we planned the port area where the incident occurred and selected a place to rebuild the explosion site as the Beirut Port Bombing Memorial Park.


We list two key points and using “Pieces” as the theme of our design.

Our park could be divided into four parts, and introduce five elements from mind map


User Journey Map

Logic of Lights

Wireframe and Prototype